Alexey Belinsky gave an interview at CIPR-2019
25 JUNE / 2019
In the interview, CEO of Ctrl2GO told about the group's decisions related to the industry digitalization.
"Is the Russian industry ready for the introduction of innovative technologies? How can you generally evaluate the development of the concept of Industry 4.0?"

"Digital transformation is not the future anymore; it is the real deal. As is well known, the competition of countries in creating artificial intelligence has already begun. Today, advanced technologies are a prerequisite for economic development in the global environment. Of course, the Russian industry is also actively moving in this direction. But I would like to note that the concept of Industry 4.0 does not imply the complete exclusion of the human component from business processes. People shall carry out the control function. Therefore, it is important that the integration of technological solutions be combined with organizational changes. This means that the development and implementation of digital tools are just some of the conditions for the digital transformation of the industrial sector. Another key aspect is the regulatory environment that we have to form in the conditions of the increasing use of digital technologies."

"Please tell us about Ctrl2GO. What is your place in the digital economy? What are the objectives set by the group of companies?"

"Today, the Ctrl2GO Group includes several companies engaged in the development and implementation of innovative products for the new generation industry. These are Clover Group, LokoTech-Signal, 2050.digital, 2050.Additive Technologies, 2050-Integrator, AVP Technology, NIITKD, and Locomotive Electronic Systems. Such a comprehensive expertise makes it possible to handle big data received at all stages of production and life cycle of industrial products most effectively. In such a way, we can consolidate and analyze information to achieve business goals using digital tools. The task of Ctrl2GO is to transform these tools into comprehensive system solutions which, as we already know, are more effective than individual products."

"Can you give an example and tell more about the group's projects?"

Today Ctrl2GO is implementing several key developments, acting as catalysts for the growth of individual industry segments. One of the leading solutions is a predictive analysis system based on objective data. This means that due to the digital technologies, we can think over the distribution of material, technical and labor resources several moves ahead. Sounds easy. But in fact, quite tangible economic effects lie behind.

A great example is our Ctrl@Maintenance solution developed by the Clover Group, a group member, for risk-based management of a fleet of capital-intensive machines. Ctrl@Maintenance is based on predictive analytics and the use of artificial intelligence technologies and neural networks. It allows for real-time control of maintenance and repair processes, assessing and predicting the technical condition of the components and assemblies of machines, and offers the most optimal solution in terms of time and amount of work. This means that the repair department can plan its work long before the machine is transferred for repair or maintenance. This significantly reduces the cost of emergency repairs and the loss of time due to unplanned repairs – by tens percent. Now the system is at the replication stage at the Russian Railways depot network. It has been implemented at 7,500 sections of locomotives and 59 locomotive depots and electric trains of CPPK. The Ctrl@Maintenance solution has well proven itself in pilot implementations in power generating and oil and gas companies."

"What technologies do you primarily focus on?"

First of all, our developments are based on the functions of collection and analysis of big data, utilizing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, neurotechnologies, and the industrial Internet of Things. By the way, we use many of them in another project entitled "Digital Plant." Now it is being implemented at Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant. By the way, one of the interesting decisions is applied there. I am talking about digital simulation modeling of technical processes. We have created a digital "twin" of the plant. It helps to model the layout of production lines for further production re-engineering. This tool alone increased the overall productivity of assembly production by 10%. In total, about ten solutions are used in the project. Due to them, we can twice reduce the time of manufacturing a new locomotive from the beginning of design to trial runs."

"What sectors of the Russian industry are in the focus of the group of companies?"

"Our developments prove their effectiveness in various industries. For example, a Clover Group's solution based on predictive analytics is being successfully implemented not only in the transportation and engineering industries, but also in the power and oil and gas industries. Currently, these directions are among the top priorities for the group. Also, our digital solutions are already used in the mining industry, agriculture, and aviation.