Solutions developed by the Ctrl2GO Group of companies will be applied in the course of strategic cooperation between Russia and India
10 JULY / 2019
Digital solutions for one of the strategic sectors of the Indian economy are being developed by 2050.digital, a member of the Ctrl2GO Group.
Igor Bevzyuk, CEO of 2050.digital told about this during the Second Russian-Indian Strategic Economic Dialogue, which is conducted in Delhi. The event was arranged by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Center for Strategic Research and the National Institute of Transformation of India, headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic Narendra Modi. At the meeting, the participants discussed possible options for cooperation between countries as regards the development of national programs. The discussion touched upon the mutual supplementing of scientific and technical competencies of the parties and the launch of joint mutually beneficial initiatives in various sectors of the Indian economy, of which agriculture is a key industry.

Today, the republic leadership faces a crucial task in this area, which, if solved, will radically improve the level of food safety. The solutions of 2050.digital are designed to help to achieve this. "At the first stage, they provide an opportunity to improve the existing agricultural insurance system in India. Today, advanced technologies are implemented in the insurance business, too. Our developments can significantly reduce the time and quality of expert review in case of registration of an insured event. Besides, the human factor's impact almost completely disappears when verifying insurance claims and identifying the cause of crop loss," Igor Bevzyuk said during his presentation.

He emphasized that today, an insurance expert review is conducted at an average within a month. This is a critical time for most farmers since they use the services of credit institutions and have to repay the borrowed funds. At the same time, due to the climatic features of Hindustan, there is always a high risk of losing crops due to drought, floods, or pests in crops. That is why agricultural insurance is so well developed in the country: in India, 30–40% of households are insured as compared to 2% in Russia.

The system developed by 2050.digital makes it possible to conduct a detailed expert review at an average for a week. "In parallel, we are working on expanding the functionality of this system. Thanks to this, in the future we will be able to make accurate forecasts for the expected yield of several of the most important crops in various parts of the country. This would be possible after a multifactor data analysis, which will provide the municipal, regional and central Indian management with reliable information necessary to ensure the country's food safety, assess the export potential of the agricultural industry and monitor the effectiveness of new, particularly, digital business methods," told the CEO of 2050.digital.

The development is based on the collection of satellite information, monitoring by unmanned systems, and the use of ground-based sensors and sensors. These data, as well as the analysis of available information on past seasons, are processed by special programs that use algorithms of artificial intelligence, large data arrays, machine learning elements.

For its part, the Government of India has shown interest in using the developments of 2050.digital. Currently, Russian technological solutions are being adapted to the conditions of the real agricultural sector of the country in several states of the republic.

2050.digital is a member of the Ctrl2GO Group of companies, which brings together prospective products and solutions in the field of the advanced technologies of Industry 4.0. The group develops, implements, and replicates intelligent high-tech solutions capable of providing competitive advantages for businesses in the global market.