Artificial intelligence and robots have proven effective in the fight against hogweed
16 AUGUST / 2019
The second stage of testing the intelligent system for combating Sosnowsky's hogweed, which was developed by 2050.digital (part of the Ctrl2GO Group of Companies), was completed in Moscow Region. Experts tested the work of a ground-based robot sprayer on the experimental fields.
The robot is one of the essential elements of a high-tech complex for dangerous plant destruction. The actions of the robotic sprayer are determined by the system's artificial intelligence, which builds a route for infected areas processing based on satellite information and surveys from drones. In this case, highly effective directed herbicide compositions are used.

System tests began in May. At the first stage, the work was carried out using spray drones. After processing, the territory was in constant monitoring mode to evaluate the effect of the means used. "The use of robots to detect weeds and carry out chemical treatment makes it possible to timely detect the dangerous plant, to assess its prevalence, use dosed volumes of specially selected drugs, considerably reducing the potential negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the combined use of flying and ground robots allows the processing of hard-to-reach areas of fields and adjacent territories, making weed control as effective as possible," said Nikolai Durmanov, director of the Innovative Technologies Department in the agricultural sector at 2050.digital.

The dangerous weed has grown in the farmland шт question for nearly half a century. The development of Ctrl2GO was the first comprehensive solution in the fight against hogweed. Competent integration of "smart technologies" in combination with targeted compounds allowed us to achieve significant results in solving the problem. The test results confirmed high efficiency of the smart system, the safety of the applied means for the environment, and the long-term effect of processing infected fields. These technologies can now be applied in other regions of the country.

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