Denis Kasimov on Railway Industry Technologies at PRO//Motion.Expo: working solutions and prospects
28 AUGUST / 2019
As part of the business program of the PRO//Motion.Expo international salon, Denis Kasimov, the architect of artificial intelligence solutions of Ctrl2GO international Group of Companies, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Clover Group (a member of Ctrl2GO GC), took part in the discussion on the subject of artificial intelligence and other technologies for railway industry development.
The session speakers also included Francois Davenne, General Director of the International Union of Railways (UIC), Evgeny Charkin, Director for Information Technologies of Russian Railways, Alexey Fedoseev, Head of Customer Service Support, Siemens Mobility in Russia.
The main issue discussed was technologies and integrated solutions implementation for railway industry digitalization. The key players in the railway market, both customers of solutions and developers, shared their best practices and promising ideas for industry development.

Implementation of technologies and solutions based on predictive analytics and data analysis allows service and industrial companies to track their production assets and increase the effectiveness of risk management. One such solution is Ctrl@Maintenance risk-based management system based on the Clover platform. The solution is being successfully implemented for the digitalization of urban and suburban transport, in mechanical engineering and the energy industry. The Clover platform may be seen as a tool for developing a new model of investment strategy and competitiveness management in various sectors.

Denis Kasimov presented the current capabilities and results of the working system using the example of establishing a service company to service the Russian Railways fleet. "This is the first step towards a comprehensive AI solution and a small part of what is still planned to be done. In five minutes, the module analyzes the amount of information about heavy vehicles which a diagnostician usually spends 100 hours on," said the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Clover Group.

The solution is based on physical and mathematical models with a set of expert rules that are built using the instruction manual and the knowledge base of engineers and equipment diagnosticians. Now the solution for technical condition forecasting analyzes 11 series of locomotives and two series of electric trains.

As Denis Kasimov specified, it is equally important for successful digitalization of railway companies to ensure that the solutions are integrated into the business model. He emphasized that the business model of the service company with the technical readiness of locomotives ratio as a key efficiency indicator is perfect for implementing a monitoring and forecasting system.

Digital tools and technologies quickly penetrated the railway sector and are effectively solving the business tasks of enterprises. An equally important aspect in the innovative solutions integration is the task of correctly conveying opportunities and prospects for specialists and managers who can effectively use digital tools for managerial decisions making.

CLOVER GROUP (Ctrl2GO Group) is a Russian developer of solutions in the field of forecast services for the transport industry, metallurgy, mining, energy, and oil and gas. The Clover digital platform and comprehensive digital solutions for industries transform industrial enterprises with artificial intelligence technology. The company collaborates with the largest enterprises in Russia, CIS, Europe, Middle East, and Asia in the field of predictive analytics, as well as leading scientific and educational institutions. The company's developments are included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software.

"PRO//Motion.Expo" is an international railway space salon 1520. It will be visited by official delegations of the participating countries, representatives of the government, and relevant ministries of Russia and other states.