Ctrl2GO is working in the domain of development of the primary information system for Russian industry
16 SEPTEMBER / 2019
In the area of development of the state industry information system (SIIS), the manufacturing sector is represented by Ctrl2GO CEO Alexei Belinsky. The working group under his leadership is to prepare initiatives that will help to perform the full transition to Industry 4.0 within the next few years.
This work will be carried out within the framework of the Digital Industry, an industry working group (IWG), which includes the heads of crucial Russian manufacturing companies, government officials, and the scientific community. The Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to use this platform for the examination of plans and actions of the department in the field of digitalization. One of the directions of the IWG will be the creation, integration, and development of SIIS platforms.

SIIS can be called one of the critical elements of the emerging digital ecosystem of the Russian industry. The system is designed for the effective interaction of enterprises, both with public authorities and among themselves. Manufacturers will be able to use the platform as efficiently as possible to receive state support, look for suppliers, and participate in procurement procedures. Also, SIIS users will have broad access to banking, insurance, legal services, and so on. The working group, chaired by Alexei Belinsky, was created to develop and more productively use this tool as part of the digital transformation of industry.

"We have much work to do, and we must use our expertise to solve applied problems to improve the platform. For example, the task is to increase the number of services provided using SIIS in the next five years. In five years, this system should become the basis for industrial, trade cooperation, and subcontract orders," said Alexey Belinsky.

The working group led by Alexei Belinsky has to work out real ways to accelerate digital transformation in its direction. In particular, to develop a plan and a roadmap of events, to formulate a request for the relevant industry community to use the capabilities of SIIS, as well as build expertise and experience based on their successful cases.

The first meeting of the expert group will be held on September 18 with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, ANO Digital Economy, and Rostech. The representatives of large industrial enterprises such as Transmashholding, Rostech, Sukhoi, Inter RAO, and others, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Communications, will attend the event.