Resource Integration: A New Step in Agricultural Digitalization
18 SEPTEMBER / 2019
Ctrl2GO and the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Analytical Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia" concluded a cooperation agreement. The parties agreed to work together to develop digital solutions for the industry.
The agreement was signed by Director General of Ctrl2GO Alexei Belinsky and Director of the FSBI "Analytical Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia" Pavel Pimenov. A key area of collaboration will be data exchange. It will contribute primarily to the development of forecast analysis in the field of agriculture (AIC). Today, the development of Ctrl2GO for agriculture is based on predictive analytics. Intelligent systems of the group can predict yield with high accuracy.

"Today, we are implementing several projects for the development and implementation of digital solutions in the agricultural sector, including abroad. They allow us to solve many problems that the agricultural sector is facing currently. The competent integration of smart solutions into unified intelligent systems, modern methods of data collection and verification, work with big data, and artificial intelligence, as well as the widespread use of robotic systems allow us to improve production and management processes in the industry," said Aleksey Belinsky, CEO of Ctrl2GO.

"Cooperation with Ctrl2GO will expand and actualize the industry's information resources, increase the value of the data used in the Unified Federal Information System for Agricultural Land (UFIS ACL), as well as apply more effective methods of managing the agro-industrial complex," said Pavel Pimenov, Director of the Analytical Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

Ctrl2GO Group is developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. In particular, the Ctrl@Maintenance system for risk-oriented management of a fleet of capital-intensive machines based on predictive analytics is already widely used in transport engineering, energy, and the oil sector. Another project is the Digital Plant, a comprehensive digitalization of the enterprises of Transmashholding JSC at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive and Tver Carriage Works. Also, Ctrl2GO digital solutions are used in the mining industry, agriculture, and aviation.