Digitalization of agricultural insurance in India
19 SEPTEMBER / 2019
Ctrl2GO and the Trinity Group company (India) signed an agreement on the creation of a joint center for objective agricultural control in the republic. A roadmap has been drawn up for further joint work to improve the Indian agrarian insurance system.
This step was a logical continuation of the cooperation of Ctrl2GO and Trinity Group, which began in 2018. At the first stages of interaction, the parties conducted experimental work. In particular, data collection technologies were identified, and the first analytical models were developed to predict yield in specific areas.

The basis of the development of Ctrl2GO is the collection of satellite information, monitoring using unmanned systems, the use of ground-based sensors, and probes. These data, as well as the analysis of available information on past seasons, are processed by special programs that use artificial intelligence algorithms, large data arrays, and machine learning elements. In the course of the experiments, Ctrl2GO solutions proved to be effective: the accuracy of predictive analysis was 90%. As a result, the parties agreed to continue cooperation within the framework of a joint monitoring center for objective agro-industrial control. It is called to improve the insurance system in the republic with the help of high-end technology.

"The next stage of cooperation will be the validation of technologies by Russian developers by relevant departments of India, whose leadership has already shown interest in the Ctrl2GO solutions. Thus, we are steadily moving towards achieving the main goal of our joint project - improving the level of food security in the republic, "said Igor Bevzyuk, General Director of 2050.digital (part of the Ctrl2GO Group), which implements the Digitalization project for agricultural insurance in the Republic of India, during the signing ceremony.

Trinity Group is an international company that has been operating in the field of insurance of agricultural sector facilities for more than ten years. It specializes in providing insurance products and risk management solutions. It works in the largest markets in different regions including Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and others.

Ctrl2GO Group is developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. In particular, the Ctrl @ Maintenance system for risk-oriented management of a fleet of capital-intensive machines based on predictive analytics is already widely used in transport engineering, energy, and the oil sector. Another project is the Digital Plant, a comprehensive digitalization of the enterprises of Transmashholding JSC at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive and Tver Carriage Works. Also, Ctrl2GO digital solutions are used in the mining industry, agriculture, and aviation.