Ctrl2GO entered the intersectoral project consortium "Avtodata.Rus" as part of the NTI Autonet
01 OCTOBER / 2019
On September 30, the Memorandum on the creation of the intersectoral project consortium Avtodata.rus within the framework of the Avtodata Platform project of the action plan (road map) of the Avtonet National Technological Initiative was signed.
The development and expertise of Ctrl2GO within the framework of the consortium will allow integrating a wide range of technologies, including in the field of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and machine learning, in the automotive and transport industries.

"As part of the consortium, we plan to participate in the development of technological solutions in the field of predictive analytics for the automotive market. Ctrl2GO has a similar solution based on artificial intelligence, which has been successfully tested on rail vehicles. Now the system provides a "smart" service for 7.5 thousand locomotive sections in 59 depots. With its help, it was possible to reduce the downtime of locomotives to 22% and reduce the cost of emergency repairs a third as much. Moreover, the solution is successfully scaled to other industries and has already been tested on commercial road transport, " said Alexey Belinsky, Director General of Ctrl2GO, at the memorandum signing ceremony. "By tracking and predicting the technical condition of cars, our solution directly contributes to solving the state problem in the field of improving traffic safety."

An intelligent system using artificial intelligence technologies and predictive analytics, developed by the Clover Group (part of the Ctrl2GO group), is adapted for fleet management and provides optimization of costs for maintaining and servicing vehicles. The solution allows you to control the quality of driving, regulate fuel consumption, as well as monitor and predict the technical condition of cars in real-time.

The consortium brings together more than 50 representatives of the automotive, telecommunications and IT industries, as well as government bodies and development institutions to accelerate the implementation of intelligent transport and communication solutions in Russia.

The goal of Avtodata.rus is the development, testing, and launch of the Avtodata platform, a national resource for big automobile data using advanced cross-industry technology solutions. The platform will collect dynamic data generated onboard the car, process it and use big data processing algorithms to test the products and services of the consortium based on this information. Commercial organizations, government agencies, and citizens will be able to use the information. The Avtodata platform will make it possible to combine vehicles, road and transport infrastructures, and information systems of various levels into a single ecosystem.

Ctrl2GO Group is developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. In particular, the Ctrl @ Maintenance system for risk-oriented management of a fleet of capital-intensive machines based on predictive analytics is already widely used in transport engineering, energy, and the oil sector. Another project is the Digital Plant, a comprehensive digitalization of the enterprises of Transmashholding JSC at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive and Tver Carriage Works. Also, Ctrl2GO digital solutions are used in the mining industry, agriculture, and aviation.