Denis Kasimov at REW-2019: "Stop storing, start analyzing data"
03 OCTOBER / 2019
The Ctrl2GO artificial intelligence solutions architect and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Clover Group (part of Ctrl2GO) Denis Kasimov took part in the discussion on the energy of the future held within the framework of the international forum Russian Energy Week.
As the discussion participants noted, the development of the electric power industry and related industries requires the introduction of new data processing methods, controlled segmentation of electrical networks, and the development of information systems. The use of high-speed algorithms is necessary for flexible control of network operating modes.

In his speech, Denis Kasimov emphasized that a large amount of big industrial data has been accumulated at present. Thus, it is necessary to extract valuable information from it and improve the quality of decision-making, both strategic and tactical, with its help.

"My main point is to stop storing and start analyzing the big data. I invite power market participants to share anonymized data. It can be the information not only about the technical condition but also about sales, commerce, and dispatching, "concluded the Ctrl2GO architect of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. - So you get valuable suggestions from developers based on this data. The market is changing, and with the help of new solutions you can anticipate changes and respond to them faster. "

The discussion "What is the energy of the future?" brought together Konstantin Mikhaylik, Deputy General Director for Operations of PJSC ROSSETI, Oleg Barkin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the NP Market Council Association, Evgeny Grabchak, Director of the Department of Operational Control and Management in the Electric Power Industry of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Denis Dodon, Director of the Innovation Development Center of Alpha Bank, Oleg Dubnov, Vice President and Executive Director of the Skolkovo Foundation Energy Efficiency Technology Cluster, Ian Coleburn, Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte CIS, and other experts.

Ctrl2GO Group is developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries as part of the transition to Industry 4.0. In particular, the Ctrl @ Maintenance system for risk-oriented management of a fleet of capital-intensive machines based on predictive analytics is already widely used in transport engineering, energy, and the oil sector. Another project is the Digital Plant, a comprehensive digitalization of the enterprises of Transmashholding JSC at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive and Tver Carriage Works. Also, Ctrl2GO digital solutions are used in the mining industry, agriculture, and aviation.