Ctrl@Maintenance Solution Included in Effective Cases Database of Digital Economy
13 NOVEMBER / 2019
A Ctrl@Maintenance solution developed by the Clover Group (part of the Ctrl2GO group) is included in the effective cases of the Digital Economy Autonomous Nonprofit Organization database; these cases are aimed at improving the quality of citizens' life, making the business and public administration more efficient and giving the possibility of scaling in the Russian regions.
The Ctrl@Maintenance intelligent system of risk-oriented production management allows the user to evaluate and predict the condition of machine components and assemblies, prevent machine downtime and switch to repair by condition, control the quality of work performed, and automatically create work orders for each piece of machinery.

"The Ctrl@Maintenance solution using artificial intelligence technologies and predictive analytics is designed to transform the industry and move to 'smart' management, innovative service models," said Denis Lisin, Clover Group CEO. "The system makes it possible to achieve a clear economic effect, increase productivity and improve the quality of management."

Ctrl@Maintenance is scaled to various industries: oil and gas and chemical industries, power industry, machine-building, and transport industry. On rail transport, the system provides 'smart' services for 7.5 thousand locomotive sections in 59 depots. With its help, it was possible to reduce the locomotives downtime to 22% and cut the emergency repairs costs by 3 times.

The database of the Digital Economy regional cases was created in July 2018 and currently contains more than 130 solutions that can accelerate the digital transformation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In November, a total of 30 new solutions were added to the database.