Andrey Romanchikov: "Management of transport hubs requires new intelligent integrated solutions"
26 NOVEMBER / 2019
Head of the Ctrl2GO Transport Division Andrey Romanchikov spoke at the "Technologies for Train Operation Organization in Large Passenger Transport Hubs. Domestic and International Experience" session within the framework of Transport Week 2019.
The discussion participants spoke about the introduction of new innovative technologies for traffic control, modeling the transportation process, ensuring the train schedule fulfillment, the projected growth of passenger traffic, and other relevant topics.

In his speech, Andrey Romanchikov dwelled on the prospects for the transition from current railway automation systems now limited to the remote control with the maintenance of security, to the solutions that give a real effect of the comprehensive transportation process optimization.

"The main task for passenger transport in the city is to ensure the optimal route for the passenger, to establish passenger flows in a complex system of urban transport, where rail transport is closely intertwined with other modes of transport. It is also necessary to provide quick and comfortable access to the places of boarding the transport. For example, in the metro, ensuring the movement of passenger flows at entrances and exits, escalators and passages is no less important than the movement of trains," Andrey Romanchikov stressed. "Managing of the systems of this level requires the introduction of qualitatively new intelligent integrated solutions."

The transition to a new level will be facilitated, in particular, by machine vision technologies, virtual coupling, automatic train operation, and other solutions, the development and implementation of which is carried out by the Ctrl2GO Group.

The discussion was also attended by Efim Rosenberg, First Deputy Director General of JSC NIIAS; Oleg Pokusaev, Head of Department for New Products and Technologies, Russian University of Transport (MIIT); representatives of Siemens Mobility, ISKRATEL, St. Petersburg State Transport University, and other experts.