Denis Kasimov Spoke About Ctrl2GO Developments in Predictive Analytics in Electric Power Industry
04 DECEMBER / 2019
Denis Kasimov, Product Director at Ctrl2GO, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Clover Group (part of Ctrl2GO) spoke at the "Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Electric Power Industry" strategic session within the frame of the International Electric Networks Forum.
According to the discussion participants, the use of predictive analytics has already become an integral part of the power industry development. The data obtained are used in the formation of relevant reports, construction of forecast models and modeling of the existing energy systems behavior. Nevertheless, there is still a shortage of quality data in the development, implementation of solutions based on big data and artificial intelligence.

"Still at the start of our solutions development, we set the task to find a way to extract high-quality data without stopping the equipment operation," said Denis Kasimov. "A conventional current sensor on equipment collects one or two records per second, no analytics can be built on this data. We have created a universal solution that makes it possible to collect records 10,000 – 25,000 times per second and immediately analyze them. This data quality allows even the most hidden defects, up to, for example, a worn bearing, to be detected. Now we are testing the solution on various types of equipment."

The session was also attended by Yevgeny Grabchak, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation; Konstantin Mikhailenko, Director of Digital Transformation Department, PJSC Rosseti; Dmitry Shushkin, CEO of ABBYY Russia, and other experts.