Alexandr Dmitriev: The value today is the implementation of technologies. The value tomorrow is the ability to work with them correctly
13 DECEMBER / 2019
Alexandr Dmitriev, Deputy CEO for operations of Ctrl2GO, took part in the Effective production 4.0 Conference. Participants of the panel discussion "Industry and national development goals. Labor productivity" discussed the need for digital transformation for enterprises, and highlighted the key problems that hinder the increase of labor productivity in the Russian industry, and suggested some ways to solve them.
Alexandr Dmitriev noted five main trends of modern information business: the ability to implement and use a set of promising technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and quantum computing; creating a culture of continuous training of employees; the ability to promptly reorient efforts in accordance with the requirements of the market; the ability to understand the target audience, to form unique digital identity; to use information security as the basis for partnership.

The value today is the implementation of technologies, the value tomorrow is the ability to work with them correctly. For reducing the cost of production and non-production expenses and for increasing the productivity, a new approach to work and other skills of employees are required. A new era, a new approach to work has come: risk-oriented management with minimal human involvement in order to increase labor productivity, - Alexandr Dmitriev said.

Alexandr Dmitriev spoke about one of the key solutions of Ctrl2GO – the Clover platform. It is an intelligent system for risk-oriented management and maintenance of production assets using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Its solutions allow you to make the right management decisions, effectively use human resources, automate routine data processing mechanisms, and ensure transparency of quality control processes.

The discussion was attended by Igor Bogachev, CEO of Zyfra; Zoya Kaika, Deputy CEO of SOLLERS; Konstantin Kravchenko, IT Director of UralVagonZavod; Alexey Nesterov, Director for ERP solutions of 1C; Paul Rickard, President of DP Technology (ESPRIT) and others.