Ctrl2GO Group acquires a 50% stake of the Indian company Agrotech Risk Private Limited
19 DECEMBER / 2019
The shareholders' agreement, under which Ctrl2GO Group becomes the second shareholder of the Indian company Agrotech Risk Private Limited with a 50% stake, was signed in Delhi in December 2019. The second half of the shares will belong to Ctrl2GO's partner in the Indian market – Trinity Group.
The agreement became the next stage in the implementation of the road map of Ctrl2GO and Trinity Group on creation a joint center for objective agro-industrial control in the Republic territory and joint actions to improve the system of agricultural insurance of India.

The signing of the shareholders' agreement provides Ctrl2GO with the official legal status to enter the Indian market and deploy its activities here, using our expertise in the field of digital agriculture, high-tech services, - emphasized Igor Bevzuk, Managing Director of the Ctrl2GO Digital Agriculture Division. – This work will be carried out jointly with Trinity Group on parity conditions.

After completing the required formal procedures, the joint company will begin operating in the Indian market in early 2020. At present, preliminary work is already underway on the formation of a contract portfolio for its further implementation in 2020.

The development of Ctrl2GO is based on the collection of satellite information, monitoring with the use of unmanned systems, and implementation of ground sensors. These data, as well as the analysis of available information on the past seasons, are processed with special programs that use artificial intelligence algorithms, large data sets, and machine learning elements. During the experiments, Ctrl2GO solutions proved their effectiveness: predictive analysis accuracy was 90%.

Within the transition to Industry 4.0 Ctrl2GO is developing and implementing digital solutions for various industries. In particular, the Ctrl@Maintenance system for risk-oriented fleet management of capital-intensive machines based on predictive analytics is already widely used in the transport engineering, energy, and oil sector. Another project is "Digital Plant", its goal consists in a comprehensive digitalization of the enterprises of Transmashholding at the Novocherkassk electric locomotive and Tver car-building plants. Ctrl2go digital solutions are also used in mining, agriculture and aviation.

Trinity Group an international company that has been operating in the field of insurance of agricultural facilities for more than 10 years. Specializes in providing insurance products and risk management solutions. Works in the largest markets in different regions. Such as Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and others.